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Preparation For Sale

"First impressions do count – and the first thing they will see is your garden!"

Groomit specialises in grooming the exterior of a home prior to its photo stage and other marketing initiatives.

We also manage the look and feel of the exterior through-out the homes’ marketing program.

We do this to offer and assist property owners and real estate agents to maximise their time, value and the homes’ sale price.

A bit like going to a hair stylist (not a barber!) we start by asking questions that will improve the homes’ value and ensure we all get it right:

"...anecdotally, making the property more inviting and looking tidy, can add up to another $50,000 to the property…you can’t afford NOT to groom!"
High-end Real Estate Agent, Auckland

  • When is the photo shoot?
  • Who is likely to be buying the property (target market)? 
  • What is the look or feel that is required?
  • What is the budget; this is important to get an understanding of, and there are ways around achieving a look and feel without spending a fortune!

We once took a tired looking (from outside) 3 bedroom house, to a fresh, and inviting home that was child and pet friendly, by removing unwanted features of the garden and completing the boundary fencing.





Our ‘grooming for sale’ objectives are:

  • to provide a great 1st impression for photography  and to prospective buyers at Open Homes
  • to improve the sales price for the vendor
  • to improve the likelihood of a sale
  • to assist in the speed of the property sale
  • to make areas of the exterior attractive and to create areas into a real emotional winner (outdoor entertaining areas!)
  • to provide a low-maintenance aesthetic to a property (if that is required)
  • to provide an efficient service that continually adds value to all concerned (speed, local, value)



Landscaping Project - Before Landscaping Project - After

What we do:

  • Meet with Agents and or Vendors - together or individually
  • Discuss on site what their / your expectations are (what the property is to look like once finished) and the budget (so it fits in with the total property marketing budget)
  • Confirm a time-frame when the work is to be completed to fit in with marketing photography – and do it!
  • Keep to the budget and communicate quickly back to owner and vendor if need arises
  • Take before and after photos to illustrate changes and improved value (excellent if vendors are not able to visit property)
  • Provide a pre-Open Home groom to remove any unsightly rubbish, leaves, or anything else unexpected that may appear on site during the marketing program

"So how much?"

To give an indication of what we can do for you:

Quick 1 day groom:

  • 2 men on site for the full day; weed, mow, edge, trim, prune, plant, spread, tidy, blow and go
  • Utilize existing plants on site more effectively
  • Green and general waste removal off-site
  • Leaf mulch entire garden

…from $855 +GST

Advanced groom:

  • Remove existing lawn and replace with ready-lawn (based on simple 40 Sq/m site)
  • Purchase plants, shrubs, and pots to suit property
  • Bark mulch throughout
  • House wash (not roof)
  • Tidy up incidentals on site (eg: minor fixing/ painting etc)
  • Large volume of green and general rubbish removed via Bin
  • Pre Open Home groom over 4-6 week marketing program

…from $4,950 + GST

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