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New planted hedges need regular watering.

Garden Maintenance

Groomit offers full design and installation of garden irrigation systems.

We have seen a growing trend in the installation of irrigation systems for three main reasons:

  • The cost of water is ever increasing so people are becoming more smart and using water much more efficiently
  • The value in restoring or replacing dead plants due to a lack of water is expensive; especially felt in the pocket when the garden has not been managed for long periods and the time comes to groom a property for sale
  • People are becoming more and more time-poor, and understand that a relatively low-cost, simple irrigation system will allow them to get on and do more fun-stuff than stand around watering a garden.

Irrigation systems can be designed (for your particular garden needs) and installed relatively cheaply compared to the cost of inefficient use of water or restoration / replacement of plants.

Landscaping Project - Before

Landscaping Project:

(Left) We can install great irrigation
systems for your property.

(Right) Who has the time to
remember and water the
garden these days?

Landscaping Project - After

Self-watering, simple managed irrigation systems are perfect for the time-poor gardener or owner that wants their valued garden to keep looking great, and tenanted properties which have gardens that do require looking after.

Say good bye to remembering to manually water your garden from as little as $395 +GST - Please contact us for further information!

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